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The application of GST to transactions relies on the conduct of ‘an enterprise’ for the purposes of the legislation  and the turnover threshold of that enterprise.  However, the interpretation and understandings of respective legislation is not straightforward and does require an understanding of the concepts of the application of income tax principles in determining and understanding the GST application.

This 3 Part series will examine the following issues and topics in assisting with the application of GST.  The discussion points include the following

Part 1: The GST basics and the application of small business concessions.
This will include covering the following matters:

  • Registration
  • The determination of ‘What is an Enterprise?
  • Fundamentals with regard to Taxable Supply/Turnover.
  • Particular issues in GST – Input tax credits and change of purpose.
  • What is a ‘small business’ for GST purposes.
  • The small business concessions:
    • Accounting for GST for small business i.e Cash/accruals.
    • GST instalments for small business.
    • Apportioning GST credits.
    • Simpler preparation of the Business Activity Statement.

Part 2: GST and its application to property and property development.

  • Registration – when or if you need to register.
  • Rental properties.
  • Development of Property and sale.
  • Subdivision
  • Change of purpose. How are input tax credits treated?
  • New Residential Premises.
  • GST withholding
  • Margin scheme


Part 3: The issues and the concessions

  • The exemptions
  • Transfer of a going concern
  • Particular issues with transfer of property and entities not required to be registered
  • Imports – Including the importation of intangibles less than $1,000 in value
  • Exports – Consideration of Division 38-190
  • The transfer of assets within associated entities.
  • Input tax supplies and the financial acquisitions threshold.


This series will be supported by the issue of seminar papers with discussion in detail with regards to the application of the GST legislation to identified transactions with references and explanation by way of examples.

Join Phillip London and Josh McMullen from TSA’s tax technical  group for this interesting and insightful series of presentations.

Recorded on 26-28 October and 2 November 2022
Presented by Phillip London and Josh McMullen
1 CPD Hour