TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd

About TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd.

TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd (TAI PAL) is a subsidiary of Taxpayers Australia Ltd and is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001.

 TAI PAL is a Recognised Tax Agent Association, accredited by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).
 The principal activities of TAI PAL consist of compliance services and representation for professionals registered with the TPB and provides access to affordable quality training resources and publications.

Board and Governance

TAI PAL is governed by a Board of Directors; three are appointed by the Taxpayers Australia Limited Board and two are elected by TAI PAL’s membership. Each Director’s term of service is for four years. No Director may serve more than two consecutive terms (or eight years). The Board is governed by the Constitution of TAI PAL.

Directors of the board

  • David Scott (President and Chair)
  • Kurtis Alaeddin (Treasurer)
  • Terry Blenkinsop
  • Mark Dodds
  • Stephen Ware

Company Secretary

  • Pippa McKee

Ethics Committee

TAI PAL has an Ethics Committee, established to assist the Board in fulfilling its obligations and responsibilities in relation to all ethical matters consistent with the Board’s long-term goals.

Members of the Ethics Committee

  • Terry Blenkinsop, Chair
  • Kurtis Alaeddin, Secretary
  • David Scott

Due Diligence Committee​

TAI PAL has a Due Diligence Committee, established to assist the Board to discharge its corporate governance responsibilities to exercise due care and diligence in relation to matters of governance, membership, and Company structure.

Members of the Due Diligence Comittee:​

  • Stephen Ware
  • Kurtis Alaeddin
  • Pippa McKee

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Members of TAI PAL must ensure they maintain the required number of CPE hours as set out in By-Law III (Continuing Professional Education). This also forms part of a member’s compliance with their registration requirements of the TPB.

As a Recognised Tax Agent Association, TAI PAL is required by our Constitution and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) to ensure that our Members comply with the minimum Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours (as set out in By-Law III | Continuing Professional Education and Paragraph 20-5(1)(d) & Section 30-10 of the TASA).

TAI PAL By-Law III (Continuing Professional Education) outlines the process of completing CPE as a TAI PAL member. You may download the by-law here

Annual CPE Audit

A proportion of members of TAI PAL are selected each year for a CPE audit to ensure compliance with the By-Law’s requirements.

We encourage all members to take advantage of our CPDpro product which provides more than 30 hours per annum of webinars at a large discount to our standard webinar prices and which enables CPE hours to be met in a simple and convenient way.

All readings and attendances at courses and seminars must be relevant to your areas of practice to qualify for recognition as eligible CPE hours.

Examples of CPE activities:

  • Seminars, workshops, webinars, courses and lectures.
  • Structured conferences and discussion groups (including those completed by telephone or video conference).
  • Tertiary courses provided by universities, registered training organisations (RTOs), other registered higher education institutions or other approved course providers (including distance learning).
  • Other educational activities provided by an appropriate organisation.
  • Research, writing and presentation by the registered agent of technical publications or structured training.
  • Peer review of research and writing submitted for publication or presentation in structured training.
  • Computer / internet assisted courses, audiotape or videotape packages.
  • Attendance at structured in-house training on tax related subjects by persons or organisations with suitable qualifications and/or practical experience in the subject area covered.
  • Attendance at appropriate ATO seminars and presentations.
  • Relevant CPE activities provided to members and non-members by a recognised Tax Agent Association.
  • A unit of study or other CPE activity on the TASA, including the Code.


  • Technical or professional reading by Members will satisfy a maximum of not more than 25% of the minimum CPE hours.
  • Structured CPE is the undertaking of any formal learning activity designed to meet a specific development need (this is what an individual is expected to know, understand or do as a result of his or her learning). An example would include attending relevant conferences, webinars, etc.
  • Each hour either of attendance at courses and seminars or reading qualifies for 1 CPE hour.
  • Unstructured CPE is any activity an individual considers has met a learning objective other than through Structured activities. Examples could be reading related periodicals or networking events. Unstructured CPE cannot exceed 25% of the minimum CPE hours

Complaints Against TAI PAL Members

Members of the public may lodge written complaints with TAI PAL concerning the conduct of any accounting professional who is a member of TAI PAL.

Any complaint shall be submitted using this form and send to:

The Ethics Committee Secretary
TAI Practitioners & Advisers Ltd
L14, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Email: [email protected]

The complaints processes are set out in By-Law – II Complaints Process.

It should be noted that TAI PAL is unable to deliberate on disputes such as fees agreed between a client and a practitioner and matters relating to liens over property. Most other issues can be heard by the Ethics Committee should an investigation reveal that a TAI PAL member has a case to answer.

Please note that not all registered tax agents will be members of TAI PAL. Any complaints received by TAI PAL against non-member tax agents who are members of other professional bodies may be referred to the appropriate body for action.

In rare instances, the complainant could be referred to the TPB directly should the allegations against a particular registered tax agent be serious.

Statistics related to the frequency and kinds of complaints made to TAI PAL

TAI PAL publishes statistics of the frequency of complaints against members and the types of complaints that have been made. TAI PAL will also ensure that findings of cases are published as disciplinary hearings are finalised. This practice aids in the transparency of the processes undertaken by TAI PAL.

The Ethics Committee has the responsibility to determine all complaints in accordance with the Constitution.

Please click here to see any current complaints recorded and resolved by the Ethics Committee.

Further information

If you require any further information, please contact TAI PAL Administration on (03) 8851 4555 or [email protected].