Privacy Policy

At the Taxpayers Australia Limited (“TAL”), your privacy matters, and we are committed to protecting it.

At all times, TAL intends to act in an honest and transparent manner through the guidelines set out in this Policy, but the Policy is not intended as a legally binding contract between TAL and any of its stakeholders.

Our policy on how we deal with your personal information is set out below.

Why We Collect, Use and Disclose Your Personal Information

We collect, use, and disclose your personal information so that we can effectively provide our services to you. Sometimes, collection, use or disclosure of certain types of personal information may also be mandated by law, for example for record keeping purposes.

We will only collect, use or disclose your personal information if it is necessary for the legitimate purposes of conducting our business. We will never sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties for financial gain.

Some of the legitimate business purposes for which we collect, use, or disclose your personal information include:

  • To provide products or services to you in respect of TAL.
  • To share your personal information with our related entities or third parties engaged by us (such as IT contractors) where it is directly relevant to our provision of products or services to you.
  • To exchange correspondence with you.
  • To answer queries or provide information requested by you (including marketing andpromotional material where you have consented to receiving them).
  • To maintain an internal record of our communications and business dealings with you.
  • To deal with any complaints or disputes; and
  • To comply with any relevant law or regulation.

We will set out in more detail the particular reasons for the collection of your personal information in a separate privacy notice at the time of collection.

You will always be free to choose whether or not you provide any part of your personal information to us. This includes where you choose to deal with us anonymously or through use of a pseudonym. However, for legal and practical reasons, we may be unable to provide you with certain services without collecting particular types of personal information from you.

Types of Personal Information that We Collect

Personal information can be any information or opinion that is about you or that can reasonably be ascertained to be about you.

Examples of the types of personal information that we may collect include:

  • Your name, titles, post-nominals and memberships of Associations or Institutions.
  • Your private and business contact details such as address, phone number or email.
  • Your date of birth and gender.
  • Qualifications, registrations, work experience, areas of practice and insurance details.
  • Financial details including credit card numbers, and/or bank account information; and /or
  • Other information and documents that may be of relevance.

We do not collect information related to your health, racial or ethnic origin or religious beliefs.

We may require sensitive information. If we need to collect, use or disclose sensitive information about you, we will ask for your specific consent unless we are otherwise required or permitted to do so without your specific consent by law.

How We Collect Personal Information

We collect personal information directly from you unless it is unreasonable or impractical to do so. Ways that we collect personal information from you include:

  • When you provide information to us through forms, applications or social media.
  • When you communicate with or send correspondence to us.
  • Through your purchase of products or services from us; and
  • Through your use and access of our website.

Your personal information may also be collected through the use of cookies or other similar technology on our website. Such technology is designed to automatically collect both personal information sent by your electronic device (such as IP address, device identifier and geolocation data) and non-personal, analytical information in order to enhance the user experience.

We will collect personal information directly from you unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so. If we do collect your personal information from a third party, we will only do so when we have your consent or if we are otherwise required or permitted to do so without your consent by law.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We may disclose personal information held about an individual in the following circumstances:

  • We may contract out some of our functions and activities and as such we may disclosepersonal information to relevant contractors and service providers. For example, we maydisclose information to allow fulfilment of orders such as publications, etc.
  • We may provide names and addresses to a mailing house to mail information to you. Inthese situations, we prohibit the third parties from using personal information about youexcept for the specific purpose for which we supply it.
  • We may disclose to the public that you are a member of the Institute of FinancialProfessionals Australia unless you have advised us that you do not want this informationreleased.
  • We may disclose your personal information where we are authorised or required by law,where it is permitted by the Privacy Act, or with your consent.

We may disclose your personal information to overseas recipients the purposes of information storage and marketing or if it is required to fulfill the purpose for which we collected it, in which case we must take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles as required by Australian Privacy Principle 8. However, we are not generally likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

Other than in the circumstances above, we do not sell, or provide our databases, mailing lists or other lists to any third party not involved in our processes.

Access to Your Personal Information

You have a right to request access to your personal information collected and held by us. This includes the right to:

  • Ask us what information we hold about you.
  • Receive a copy of your personal information that we hold; and
  • Have your personal information held by us corrected or updated.
  • However, in some circumstances we may refuse access to your personal information. Thisincludes where:
  • You fail to supply us with sufficient identification information for us to verify your identity or your authority to access someone else’s personal information.
  • Giving access may pose a serious threat to the life, health or safety of any individual or thepublic in general; and
  • Giving access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals.

You can request access to your personal information by contacting us using the details provided under the “Complaints and Contact Information” section of this privacy policy. We will endeavour to respond to any request for access to personal information within 30 days.

Security and Data Retention

We endeavour to take all reasonable steps necessary to protect the personal information collected by us. This includes physical security measures on our premises and electronic security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus, password restrictions and data encryption.

Your personal information may be retained for purposes set out in this privacy policy after the conclusion of the provision of our products or services to you. For example, we may need to keep historical records in order to comply with our legal obligations, or you may have consented to continue receiving marketing and promotional material from us. Wherever possible, we will

destroy or de-identify your personal information as soon as practicable once it becomes no longer necessary to retain it for the purposes set out in this privacy policy.

Unauthorised Access, Use or Disclosure of Personal Information

We will take seriously and deal promptly with any unauthorised access, use or disclosure of personal information.

TAL has regard to relevant guidance material issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner when responding to any incidents involving the unauthorised access of, use or disclosure of personal information.

We comply with the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme when dealing with these types of data breaches.

Update to Our Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time.

The latest updated version of this privacy policy will always be published on our website

Complaints and Contact Information

If you have any queries, concerns, feedback or complaint regarding your personal information, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending a letter to:

Company Secretary

Taxpayers Australia Limited (T/A Institute of Financial Professionals Australia)

Level 14, 330 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within 30 days. In the case of a complaint, we may request further information from you before being able to deal with the complaint. We will endeavour to let you know our decision with respect to the complaint within 30 days of receiving all relevant information, including further information that we may request. If you are not satisfied with our response, you may refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.