“The AuditSave tax audit group policy has been a game changer for my accounting practice, protecting my clients against any potential tax audit, or review. The cost savings and benefits to my clients and the practice are overwhelming. Just like professional indemnity insurance, I can’t help thinking the AuditSave insurance policy should be compulsory for accounting practices to have!” says Andrew Institute of Financial Professionals Australia Professional Member

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the ATO’s increased focus on audits has become a pressing concern for businesses and individuals alike. To compound those concerns the ATO announced an injection of millions of dollars into their review department to dramatically upscale their resources. 

Recent reports indicate that up to 35% of taxpayers may be subject to an audit, review, or investigation, underscoring the urgency for proactive measures to safeguard against unexpected financial burdens.

Facing an audit can be an overwhelming and costly experience, especially considering the rising professional fees associated with audits. With the ATO’s enhanced data-matching capabilities, anomalies and potential breaches are now detected more efficiently than ever before, further increasing the likelihood of audits and reviews.

Until recently, accounting practices have only had an offering available where their clients are asked to pay high fees to have tax audit protection. As a result, only 12% – 18% of clients elected to take up the cover. Exposing most of the clients. That has now changed! 

The revolutionary AuditSave tax audit group cover has now changed the financial services landscape forever! Protecting all 100% of the practice’s clients at a fraction of the cost making it affordable for everyone. As per the quote above, many believe the benefits to the practices are so significant that the AuditSave group policy should be compulsory for all accounting practices to have.

Some of the incredible benefits:

  • One group policy protecting 100% of clients (and all associated entities).
  • The premiums are dramatically reduced by up to 90% (or more in some cases), saving clients significant money.
  • Superior policy wording.
  • The accountants’ fees are protected in connection with the review, investigation, or audit no matter who is targeted.
  • No chasing invoices or fees.
  • Automatic protection for new clients during the term. No notification or fee is required.
  • SMSF Trustee protection from administrative penalties issued by the ATO (only policy in Australia to have this benefit).
  • Unlimited retroactive date.
  • No administration.
  • No selling tax audit insurance to the clients yearly.
  • No sharing of private client information. It remains private.
    One simple annual renewal.

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