Sale of the Business-Part 1


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For many tax professionals, the challenge of advising clients in the context of the transfer and sale of a business requires a deep understanding of the complexities of taxation, the commercial issues and often the consideration of economic planning and its related financial outcomes for family businesses.

The entity structure in relation to the operation of the business is critical and reference to the capital gains concessionary provisions for small business will be an additional factor to determine the optimal outcomes for clients disposing of their business.

In this Webinar David Hall, an assoc. Partner at Findex Australia, and a specialist in taxation of small and medium sized businesses, will provide insights into the process of the ‘sale of a business’ and discuss some of the ‘watch for’ areas practitioners should be aware of.


Recorded on Friday 17 June 2022
Presented by: David Hall

1 CPD Hour

Presented by: David Hall

David is a FCPA, and Chartered Tax Adviser, has over 30 years’ tax experience and leads the North Queensland Tax Advisory team. He specialises in providing practical advice in a complex taxation environment. His areas of expertise are diverse and includes Corporate Taxation, CGT and small business CGT concessions, Taxation of Trusts, restructuring, purchase and sale of businesses and entities, estate and succession planning.