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It is a question that astute tax minds could debate endlessly, but in practice, advisors need to make informed decisions in a practical timeframe.

The question of whether an individual or an entity is carrying on a business affects many areas of tax law, including (amongst others):


  • Determines whether amounts are assessable or deductible
  • Access to concessions – e.g., small business CGT
  • Corporate tax rate – base rate entity (active vs passive income)
  • Access to losses – continuity of business testing


This webinar will cover:


  • Detailed explanations of the relevant factors of whether a business is carried on
  • GST vs income tax implications
  • Non-commercial losses
  • Small business CGT concessions
  • Corporate residency – why a business matters

Recorded on
 31 October 2023
Presented by Joshua Goldsmith

TPB CPD Hours: 1 hour
Legislated CPD Hours: 0.50 hours in technical competence and 0.50 hours in tax (financial) advice