Inherited Dwellings – Part 2


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Delve further into the nuanced world of CGT (Capital Gains Tax) exemptions for inherited dwellings with Part 2 of our engaging webinar series. A subject frequently encountered by practitioners, the CGT exemption extends far beyond the well-known “sale within 2 years” provision.

In this next instalment, we will explore the key aspects of the CGT exemption’s operation, with special attention to the essential pre-conditions required for its application. Understand the intricate details that often go unnoticed, and discover the broad spectrum of considerations that encompass this complex field.

We’ll guide you through various strategic planning aspects related to the exemption rules. From anticipation to execution, gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to navigate these multifaceted regulations.

If you’re a professional dealing with inheritance and tax, or someone keen on expanding your understanding, don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise. Join us for a comprehensive and insightful exploration that goes beyond the surface of inherited dwelling exemptions.


Recorded on 11 August 2023
Presented by Kirk Wilson

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TPB CPD Hours: 1 hour
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Regulatory compliance and consumer protection: 0.50 hours | Tax (financial) advice: 0.50 hours

Presented by: Kirk Wilson

A registered tax agent, Kirk Wilson has worked in the profession for some 30 years. For eight years he worked in the ATO’s Appeals, Advisings and Legislative Service Groups where, amongst other things, he advised on CGT-related matters. For 20+ years he worked for Thomson Reuters as a senior tax writer, specialising in writing and editing CGT content. He was also responsible for reporting legislative, case and other tax developments for TR’s news service bulletins, and producing practitioner articles for various products. A registered tax agent who passed the NSW Bar exams in 2013, Kirk has also spent 12+ years teaching tax law and commercial law.