Valuations in SMSFs and the ATO’s focus (recording)

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Have you or your clients been contacted by the ATO regarding the asset valuations within their SMSF? This essential webinar will guide you through the necessary actions to mitigate the risk of attracting further attention from the ATO.

During this session, we will explore the immediate steps you should consider to ensure compliance. Additionally, we will delve into what the ATO expects to find in your SMSF audit files concerning asset valuations. Our discussion will include detailed guidance on documenting valuation evidence properly and how to effectively communicate these requirements to your SMSF trustee clients.

Join us to gain valuable insights into maintaining robust valuation records that meet ATO standards, thereby safeguarding your clients’ interests and ensuring that their funds are well-positioned to withstand ATO scrutiny in the years to come.


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TPB CPD Hours:1 hour |  Legislated CPD Hours: To be confirmed


Who Should Attend?

This webinar is suitable for:

  • SMSF auditors, accountants and financial advisers advising in SMSF matters, and
  • Other practitioners who would like to gain some knowledge or improve their knowledge in this area.


Presented by:


Deanne Firth

Deanne Firth FCA is the Founder and Director of Tactical Super, an award-winning chartered accounting firm specialising in the audit of Self-Managed Super Funds. Being an expert in the field of SMSF audits, Deanne imparts her knowledge by speaking at a variety of conferences and webinars on superannuation and taxation. Deanne is one of the authors of two international best-selling books “Better Business, Better Life, Better World” and “Legacy” which feature advice on building a business for good in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.




Jacob Kewley

With over a decade experience in the SMSF audit industry, Jacob is passionate about harnessing technology advances to streamline the SMSF audit process. He enjoys supporting his clients throughout the year, not just at audit time, to assist in ensuring compliance can be maintained. Jacob now operates as a director of Tactical Super and is always open for a chat about how he can assist your firm with managing audit workflow.