Aged Care Masterclass 5 – Aged care conversations with clients

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At the Institute of Financial Professionals Australia, we recognise the vital role our members play in building trusted relationships with their clients and supporting them in making strategic financial decisions. Aged care decisions are no exception. When clients and their families face the daunting task of navigating the aged care system and making informed choices, they often turn to their accountant for guidance.

This masterclass series aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide expert advice and support to your clients in the realm of aged care. Through this series, you will gain valuable insights into the complexities of aged care legislation, understanding the financial implications involved, and learning how to assist your clients in accessing the appropriate services.

This module will provide an overview of residential care. It will include:

  • Introduction to how to introduce the aged care conversation with existing and new clients, professional referrers, and the community in general.
  • How to identify when a client needs aged care support.
  • Tips on how to conduct the first aged care meeting to ensure that the client agrees to proceed and pay for the aged care services.
  • Insights into how aged care advisers introduce aged care to their clients and tips on what works and how they conduct their first introductory meeting with clients.

Recorded on 13 September 2023
Presented by Jennifer Langton from Aged Care Steps

TPB CPD Hours: 1 hour
Legislated CPD Hours: 1 hour in client care and practice