SMSF Manual 2023-24 Member

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A trusted resource for all Australians with a personal or professional interest in SMSFs, it captures the latest changes to the Australian superannuation law.

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Whether you’re an experienced SMSF practitioner, a dedicated trustee, or a superannuation enthusiast, the SMSF Manual is your indispensable companion for navigating the world of SMSFs. This comprehensive guide offers a simple and accessible approach to every aspect of running a successful SMSF, providing you with the knowledge and strategies you need to excel.

The SMSF Manual presents a wealth of information with clarity, offering detailed examples and proven strategies that can be easily implemented. Stay at the forefront of Australian superannuation law, effortlessly manoeuvre through its complexities, and gain a profound understanding of the practical implications for yourself or your clients.

Explore key topics that cover the entire spectrum of SMSF management, including:

  • A comprehensive introduction to SMSFs
  • Step-by-step guidance for setting up an SMSF
  • Expert tips for efficient and effective SMSF management
  • In-depth analysis of tax issues specific to SMSFs
  • Insightful strategies for contributions and contribution optimisation
  • Understanding superannuation benefits and the transfer balance cap
  • Maximising your superannuation benefits with smart tax strategies
  • Important pension strategies to consider, including death benefit strategies
  • Exploring diverse investment options, including limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Crafting investment strategies to maximise returns
  • Accessing government pensions and benefits
  • Seamlessly winding up an SMSF when the time is right
  • A thorough examination of the SMSF audit process
  • Navigating regulatory penalties, breaches, and sanctions

With the SMSF Manual, you’ll have all the information you need readily available to simplify the complexities of SMSFs, make well-informed decisions, and confidently manage your superannuation fund or provide expert advice to your valued clients.