FBT Year End Essentials: Insights and Strategies for 2024

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Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by the Institute of Financial Professional Australia featuring Paul Mather, a renowned FBT expert from FBT Solutions. This session is tailored to deliver the most recent updates and practical insights as we approach the FBT year end.

As the FBT year draws to a close, staying abreast of the latest changes and nuances in Fringe Benefits Tax is crucial for financial professionals. Paul Mather, with his extensive experience and deep understanding of FBT, will guide participants through the labyrinth of FBT compliance, highlighting recent legislative amendments, ATO views, and compliance focus areas.

This webinar will cover:

  • Recent FBT changes and their implications for your organisation.
  • Practical tips for FBT return preparation and common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Insights into ATO focus areas and audit activity trends.
  • Strategies to manage FBT compliance effectively in the current year.

Paul’s approachable style, combined with his expertise, makes this session indispensable for professionals dealing with FBT. Whether you are new to the world of FBT or a seasoned practitioner, this webinar will provide valuable knowledge and strategies to enhance your FBT compliance processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain essential insights and prepare for the FBT year end with confidence.

Recorded on Friday, 1 March 2024.
Presented by Paul Mather

TPB CPD Hours: 1 hour
Legislated CPD Hours: 1 hour in Tax (financial) advice


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