Managing Reviews/Audits from the ATO – Webinar Recording


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Managing Reviews/Audits from the ATO and other Regulatory Bodies

One of the fundamental aspects of providing tax and accounting services is the risk of ATO, State Government and other regulatory reviews/audits by the relevant authorities.

The recent issue by the Federal Tax Commissioner in respect of the potential application of Section 100A of the Income Tax Act gives rise to the further potential of review by the ATO, particularly where there have been on-going distributions to adult beneficiaries of family trusts.

The TSA presents Annemarie Wilmore a Partner at Johnson Winter & Slattery to identify the key issues:

• The current issues in managing a review by authorities and the process and steps that should be undertaken by the practitioner in addressing the matters raised by those authorities.

• Understanding the scope of statutory powers and the access that authorities have to information from third party sources.

• The process in responding to revenue authorities/attending interviews/the preparation of information from clients/ managing client expectations.

Join Annemarie and TSA on 28 April to gain valuable insights into this very important issue and one that practitioners will need to understand and manage in the growing expectation that compliance reviews will become more prevalent.

Recorded on Thursday 28 April 2022
Presented by: Annemarie Wilmore

1 CPD Hour