Professional Development


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is at the core of our commitment to our members’ growth and success. At Agend AMS Plus, we understand that staying relevant, informed, and skilled in your profession is essential. That’s why we offer a robust and tailored CPD program to support our members’ lifelong learning journey.

Tracking Your Progress
Every eligible hosted event you attend is seamlessly integrated into your CPD tracker. Plus, we understand the value of diverse learning experiences. That's why we offer the option to log external events, courses, and other CPD activities.
Member Portal Tracker
Our user-friendly member portal includes a CPD tracker, making it effortless for you to keep tabs on your CPD journey. You can conveniently monitor your progress, ensuring you're on the right path to professional growth.
Point Allocation Chart
To make CPD accessible and transparent, we provide a clear point allocation chart. It simplifies the process of understanding how different activities contribute to your CPD points.

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The process for obtaining a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) professional certification can vary depending on the specific organization or certification body offering the certification. However, there are some common steps you can expect in the CPD professional certification process. The certification is based on your experience in the field and assessed by an international board of industry leaders who look at your knowledge, skills, and abilities in:

  • Asset Management

  • Landscape and Amenity Horticulture

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Project Management

  • Resource Management

  • Business Acumen

  • Supervision

  • Interpretation and Education

  • Public Health

  • Leadership, and Recreation


CPD is valid for three years from issue. In the three-year span, you must meet the following two criteria:

  1. Maintain AMS Plus membership.
  2. Complete 30 points of Continuing Professional Development

To achieve 30 points, refer to the CPD Point Allocation Table.


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