Money gps


Provide digital financial advice to your client base without needing a license.

Help your clients make better money decisions and create a new revenue stream for your practice.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with moneyGPS, a pioneering digital advice platform designed to revolutionise personal financial advice. moneyGPS offers a range of benefits that will enhance your services and provide significant value to your business.

 Why moneyGPS?

Affordable Personal Advice: With moneyGPS, you can access personal financial advice at a fraction of the traditional costs. This is a game-changer for every working Australian, making quality advice more accessible than ever before.

Removes Risk: Advice is delivered via the moneyGPS AFSL, removing risk and compliance burden for accountants.

Effortless Client Engagement: moneyGPS engages clients through an intuitive online platform linked directly to your website. This seamless integration ensures that your clients receive top-notch financial advice without any additional burden on your operations.

Enhanced Client Relationships: Maintain and nurture your client relationships with your own brand identity. moneyGPS allows you to keep your recognised brand, logo, and colours, ensuring your clients feel the same level of trust and familiarity.

Support and Resources: The platform provides access to various tools, calculators, educational resources, and human support when needed. This comprehensive support system ensures that your clients receive the best possible advice tailored to their needs.

  • Start your free trial today and experience the future of digital financial advice!
  • Monthly subscriptions start at $530 per month, per office.

  • No lock-in period. Cancel anytime.

  • See how your practice can financially benefit from a subscription to moneyGPS.

Benefits of Digital Advice for your CLIENTS

The moneyGPS digital advice journey is designed for your non-advised, orphaned, millennial, employee, individual tax, and SME clients.

Digital advice SoAs range from $90-180 AUD per topic.


Client’s can access online in their own time and can talk to our friendly team, or you, if they need help.


Compliant. Digital advice can be provided via the moneyGPS AFSL, removing risk for practices.

How moneyGPS works

  • You retain 80% of all commissions with the remaining 20% donated to GPS-supported charities.
  • Engage clients via an online platform, linked to your website
  • Deliver single-topic automated Statements of Advice (SOAs) via the moneyGPS AFSL
  • Deliver personal advice topics—investments, contributions andinsurance
  • Includes strategy and product recommendations
  • Cover general advice topics

What moneyGPS doesn’t do

  • Own your client relationships

  • Impact your operations

  • Lock you into a contract

Benefits of Digital Advice for your BUSINESS​


Establish a digital advice platform using your recognised brand, logo and colours.


Maintain and nurture relationships with your future HNW clients.


Attract new digitally-savvy clients and children of existing HNW clients.


More effectively engage referral partners with a digital solution, at-scale.


Get excellent commercial arrangements and improved capital value.

Cement your status as the No. 1 most trusted adviser and embrace this innovative solution to see how moneyGPS can transform your practice.

Start your free trial today and experience the future of digital financial advice!

Want to know more?

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